Color Stereographs From Our Anniversary

One of the things Noel and I did for our 20th anniversary was go on a little photo expedition. She wants to learn photography, and I'm occupationally inclined to help her with that. Anyway, we had a lovely time in which she started learning the basics of a digital camera, and I experimented with color stereography. This was only the second time I've shot stereographs on color film, but at the time I still hadn't gotten the other roll developed, so it was effectively still the first. 

I shot these with the Kodak Stereo Camera on CineStill 400D film. If you're unfamiliar, CineStill takes motion picture cinematography film and makes it usable in still photography cameras. a little in love with the way it renders colors, and I think with a little practice I can get it to do even better. These are digitally edited a bit, but only to make the two sides match more closely. I've noticed some discrepancies between the two lenses on my stereo camera, and it's hard to get a perfect match, especially when my scanner isn't always consistent with colors either. But these are pretty close, and I don't think the slight differences interfere with the stereo viewing experience. 

Anyway, here are a few of the shots from that day: If you happen to have a stereoscope, you can view these by zooming your browser in (ctrl + or cmd +) and looking through the scope at the right distance from the screen. It works fine, but it might be a little pixellated. The originals don't have that problem, fortunately.

This might look plain, but through a stereoscope it has incredible depth. Also, I think this the first time I've tried a stereograph with a lens flare. Didn't know if it would be a problem or not, but it worked out. This is at Farmington Station, where we were about to have dinner. We learned by experience that we needed a press pass even for casual photography there, but getting one was free, and no trouble. 

Another one that jumps out at you when viewed properly. Also, I love these eagles. This is from Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City, which everyone should visit at least once.

Yahaha! You found me! This little guy was sitting in the front seat of our car. We decided to take him home for the kids. He didn't give us any seeds, though. 

Also from Gilgal. This is a depiction of Nebuchadnezzar's dream from Daniel 2, in case that wasn't obvious. Lots of Old Testament inspired work at Gilgal.


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