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The Garden That Ate Our Yard: A Retrospective

     I was sitting out in my backyard this morning, sweating, after having done some much-needed cleanup in and around the garden, when I was struck by one of those sneaky blankets of smothering nostalgia that creep up on you from behind suddenly, then fling themselves over your eyes and wrap you up in reverie until something mundane comes along to throw them off so you can breathe again. This time, the blanket looked like my yard, before I started gardening.  It occurred to me just how much the place has transformed, and how much work I’ve done since then, back in the spring of 2022. I also occurred to me that I haven’t really documented that too much. I’ve done a little, but not really in an organized way, so I thought I’d take the time today just to make a list of what we did each year. I might have pictures, but I don’t have the time to go and hunt for them, so this list will have to do for now. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else looking to start something, and maybe it will

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