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Equality and the Culture of Christ

This is a talk I gave in Sacrament Meeting today. While I do my best to make sure my talks are true, it's still my own creation, and not an official statement of LDS doctrine or belief. 

Elder Quentin L. Cook recently spoke about three fundamental purposes of the church and how they prepare us and the world to meet God. These purposes are “gathering Israel, sealing them as families, and preparing the world for the Lord’s Second Coming.” He said, “As we look at the primary purposes of the Church, they are all based on [two things,] equality before the Lord and following the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” 
In the scriptures, the word “iniquity” is often used to describe wicked behavior, but iniquity doesn't simply mean wickedness. It means inequality, injustice, or unfairness.  Prophets lament earthly inequalities because they cause divisions among a people who should be united. As the Lord said to the early Saints, “Be one; and if ye are not one, ye are not mine” (D&…

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